Sale Conditions


These particular conditions of the online store operated by THE VERTICAL INTEGRATION COMPANY SL, onwards VICO offered as prior information to the purchasing process and follow the general terms and conditions governing the general use of the website that is accessible via http: //

The act of any purchase from VICO implies the acceptance to the general terms and conditions of access and use of our website of VERTICAL INTEGRATION COMPANY S.L., as well as the present terms and conditions, without objection or reservations of any kind. 

General Information

VERTICAL INTEGRATION COMPANY S.L., is a spanish company, registered in the Madrid Mercantile Register (Volume: 31,352 Folio: 20 Section: 8 Sheet: M-564349 Inscription 1), with CIF number: B-86784857 and registered office in Madrid c / Nuñez de Balboa 50 28001. 

Any incident, complaint or claims referencing to an in store purchase, must be communicated by email to:

Ordering Process:

The orders will be processed by VICO, where the user will be informed prior to the completion of each purchase of the exact amount of each of the orders purchased, including the shipping costs associated with the purchase. 

May only process orders through VICO if the person is at least 18 years old or older. Users who make use of VICO warrant that you have at least that age as well as all of the necessary registration data to use VICO. In any case, the user shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and the damage caused to VICO or others for the information provided. 


VICO shows information about the product’s references and product stocks available. 

If for any reason it is not possible to supply any of the products of an order, VICO will get in contact with the user as soon as possible to inform the user of the circumstances and proceed to refund the amount that the user paid for it. If the order contains more items, VICO will ask the customer whether or not their order is processed or if they prefer to opt for the cancellation. 

If the product unavailability affects the entire order, VICO will proceed to fully refund the amount paid for the order, including shipping costs that would have been charged to the order. 

Offers Guaranteed 

The products have marketed with the following guarantees

In any case and unless proven otherwise, it is understood that products are in conformity with the contract provided and that they meet all of the requirements set out below unless the circumstances of any case of them are not applicable: 

They fit the description given by the vender and possess the qualities of the product that the vender has presented to the customer and user as a sample or a model. 

They are fit for the types of purposes that ordinarily products of the same type are used. 

They are suitable for any special use required by the consumer and user when he has made known to the seller at the time of conclusion of the contract, provided that he has admitted that the product is suitable for such use. 

Present the quality and common features of the same type of product that the consumer and user can expect based on the nature of the product. 

In cases of disagreements proven from the terms of the contract, VICO shall - in cases that are necessary and appropriate - repair, replace, reduce the price or terminate contract negotiations that are free to the consumer and user. 

The deadline to make a return will be legal matter which currently is two months from the day you acknowledged it. 

The deadline of delivery 

All of our orders are delivered by a messenger service, in a deadline of approximately 5-7 days from the day that the merchandise leaves our storage unit. 

Returning of products - rights of withdrawal

The user accounts with the possibility of exercising their right to withdrawal from the order of products made with VICO, within the deadline of 15 days according to the schedule in your area, from the day of order to the chosen delivery address. 

The products should be found in perfect condition, they should not have been used and they should be in original condition, as well as it’s original packaging - if applicable- documentation and original accessory elements, are also in perfect condition. 

If the product is returned without the original packaging, VICO reserves the right to deny the return and the full amount of payment if the product is considered to have been damaged and/or depreciated in value. 

Returns will not be accepted on custom products according to customer specifications or manufactured, adapted or made from the same specifications 

Vico reserves the right to deny the right of a return of products in cases of violation of the provisions of these special conditions.

Procedure for exercising the right of withdrawal 

To proceed with product returns, it should be -within the seven working days following the receipt date- email us at: and indicate the order number affected or the product that is being returned. 

Then VICO will contact you to explain how to proceed for the country you are in.

Upon receipt of the request to exercise the right of withdrawal by the purchaser and once in possession of the subject merchandise return, VICO will proceed to examine the products received and then the refund will be made. 

The refund paid for the purchase of the returned product will be given as soon as possible and is always subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions.


The buyer has the possibility of product returns received in poor condition, either by defect or manufacturing defect, (provided that such defects have not been caused by manipulation or misuse by the user), or having been damaged in transport.

The claim in the event of receiving a damaged product should be made as soon as possible, a claim is required to occur within 24 hours of receipt of the request for it to be covered by transport insurance.

VICO reserves the right to deny the right of a refund on products in claims in violation with the provisions of these special conditions.

Procedure for Returns

To proceed with product returns to factory default, it should be sent by email to the address:, a statement indicating the order number affected and the product or products to return and a detailed summary of the defects in the same email. 

Then the collection of such products will be returned to the customer's account. With the exception of the defected item, each product must be returned unused and with all labels, packaging and -if applicable-, documentation and original accessory items that come with it. 

If the return of the product is produced without the original packaging, VICO reserves the right not to return the full amount paid considering that the product has been depreciated. 

Once VICO is in possession of the product/products they will then proceed to examine the products being returned. 

Once the product is delivered and provided that the above conditions are met, VICO shall examine with the manufacturer or distributor's replacement by another with identical characteristics. 

If it is not possible to replace it, VICO will inform the customer of this and the customer shall pay the corresponding product purchase amount. 

In this case, the refund of amounts paid for the purchase of the returned product will be carried out as soon as possible and are always subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions. 

In the case of receiving the products in bad condition attributable to transportation and provided that it is not possible to replace, the customer shall pay the corresponding amount as soon as possible to VICO. 


The website is not permitted for the use of: 

fraudulent purposes, or related crimes and/or illegal activities of any kind 

To send, use or reuse illegal material, offensive, abusive, indecent, slander, obscene or threatening of any kind, or involving a violation of rights of intellectual property, including authors and registered brands rights, or confidentiality, privacy or other rights, or otherwise insulting to third parties or reprehensible, or whose content contains software viruses, political propaganda, advertising, chain letters, mass mailings or any other form of "spam”. 

generate any unnecessary hassle or inconvenience 

Access and Conditions of Use: 

For complete access of the websites pages we require that you are a previously registered user, once you accept the General Conditions. 

When you utilize the website, you will be responsible to maintain the confidentiality, the data, and the password of your account, and to restrict access to your computer to avoid unauthorized use of your account. 

VICO reserves the right to deny any intent of access to the website, to cancel accounts, eliminate or modify content, or cancel orders in the case if you breach the applicable law, the present General Conditions or any Particular Conditions or other terms and conditions or policies.